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Fan Motor

Cross flow fans are also called crosscurrent fans and the impeller is a multi-leaf design with a long cylindrical shape with a forward multi-wing blade. When the impeller rotates, the airflow goes into the blade cascade from the opening of the impeller and passes through the interior of the impeller. It is then discharged into the volute from the other side of the blade cascade, forming a working airflow. Cross flow fans are often used in ventilation systems for public places, and for cooling electronic appliances.

The volute fan drives the impeller rotation by the motor; the blades in the impeller force the gas to rotate and work on the gas to increase its energy; under the action of centrifugal force, the gas is pumped out around the impeller, and the velocity energy is converted into pressure energy through the volute casing; after discharging the gas, the pressure in the impeller is lower than the air inlet; under the pressure difference, the new gas is drawn into the impeller, and the gas is continuously exported from the outlet.

Centrifugal fans come in volute centrifugal fan models, including types with shaded pole motors and capacitor motors, and case blowing fans (wall mounted fans). Volute centrifugal fans are mainly applied in range hoods and case blowing fans are used for wall mounted boilers. These two types of fans have large exhaust air volume and fast heat dissipation.

We have our own injection molding factory, which can supply customers with fans of using our motors.